Foscarini’s exhibition stand – Step 1


For this ongoing project, the aim is to create an exhibition stand for a fair. I chose to work for the brand Foscarini, which is a famous light designer.

On a 10 x 7 m stand, I chose to create black boxes to display the new collection : in fabric, they put the lights forwards as the visitor’s attention is focused on them. In addition, the fabric makes them partly visible from outside, as passersby can see them glow and are intrigued. The concept model I achieved shows this idea : I also emphasised on branding, as the aim of an exhibition fair is to sell both products and brand, and I used red seats as a reminder of the brand’s logo. They create meeting points were interested customers can discuss and order products, and they are decorated with the brand bestsellers lights.

For my researches, I used several sketch models and sketches, and I also worked on Photoshop rendering.

Recently, I decided to change the black fabric for perforated metal : the light is still partly visible from the outside, and it is a bit more sophisticated. In addition, I integrated storage units into the partitions of the black boxes, which liberates space for the meeting points. More sketches and details to come !