05.03.2018 Using the Specsavers project, I created a series of spreadsheets for specifications. Looking furniture, sanitryware and flooring on the internet, I made choices and tried to work out how much I would need, and at what cost, if this project was to be continued. I only worked on certain areas of the projects, and... Continue Reading →


The Accountants office

26.03.2018 For the first project of this semester, I worked on the creation of offices for an accountants firm in part of the Melbourne building, in CIT. I chose this time to create a functional space, using oblique partitions in some areas to create dynamism. In addition, one challenge was lighting, as windows were only... Continue Reading →

Toilets detailling

12.12.2017 In order to work on my detailling skills, I redesigned the female toilets in the Architecture Factory of the CIT, and produced a set of drawings similar to those used for tender. I also chose materials and specifications adapted to my projects.


07.12.2017 For the last project of the semester, I worked on redesigning the Specsavers optician shop in the Wilton shopping centre, in Cork. In order to increase the complexity of the project, I had an extra floor to work with, and had to fit more spaces than the shop has in reality. I got the... Continue Reading →

Lighting calculations with Dialux

27.11.2017 Knowing how many lights are needed and how many lux a space requires is essential for a space to be user-friendly and comfortable to use. A software I just discovered, DiaLux, allows me to calculate if my lighting is adequate by drawing up the building, changing the materials in order to take their characteristics... Continue Reading →

Lighting : reflected ceiling and specified lights

22.11.2017 In the continuation of the work on lighting previously done, I worked on a reflected ceiling plan to display the lights I was using and the electricity scheme. I also precisely specified the Disano lights I am using in order to make the project as realistic as possible.  

The Boulevard

20.09.2017 As I explained for the concept of this project, I worked on the creation of different student spaces in the narrow boulevard in the Architecture Factory. I included studying spaces, workshops and library as well as casual relax areas and a kitchenette. I stuck to my concept idea and refined the different areas I... Continue Reading →

The Boulevard Lighting Scheme

27.09.2017 In order to enhance my design and improve the quality of the space, I also worked on a lighting scheme for the boulevard project. I presented sketches for all the different areas (study, library, light boxes, kitchen, eating area, phone booths, etc...) to show the atmosphere I wanted to create and ways of achieving... Continue Reading →

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