A thematic I worked on was the Cosmos. In order to develop this notion, I visited an exhibition on the Cosmos at the European Centre of Contemporary Art Actions in Strasbourg, France (CEAAC) and I discovered an artist, Stephanie Abben. I was seduced by her work and took inspiration from her for my work.

Her method, which I repeated, was to take a picture of the universe and make it disappear with paint on the format, or leave it visible : she used textures, blank spaces and paint to create atmospheres from the picture. I chose to explore this technique as well, which I thought was very interesting : indeed, I enjoyed creating all sorts of pictures from images throughout my different essays.

Acrylic paint. 30*30 cm.





At first, I used China ink to work on the notion of nature : I represented natural elements with delicacy and sensibility.

I used these essays to prepare a final work, for which the idea was to make a picture disappear within the paint. The picture was glued on the format and I pursued it to make it disappear and create a more important work.



This project of linocut on linoleum had the thematic of machines, ally or enemy, and enabled me to discover a new technique, which I enjoyed. I created my own machines and used all sorts of supports : papers, newspapers, textiles, tracing paper…

I named my set of machines “Liquidators” (Liquidateurs) in reference of machines which rebels against humans, which I staged thanks to newspaper pages which were adapted to this idea.



I decided to pursue a project that I had completed in class and had appreciated very much. I continued to experiment different plastic methods using different kinds of materials and techniques.

I tried to diversify my methods and techniques, using newspapers, acrylics, pencils, inks. I also played on the link between the plastic representation and the meaning of the words I chose, which was very interesting.


Typographic interactions


The idea was to create animated letters and staging them in order to create a specific situation, a word, an emotion thanks to their form and understandable in one look. I use Illustrator to deform existing typographies and make them lively and reflect human expressions. Here are a few of them.

I used the following existing typographies:

  • Hobo Std Medium
  • Lithos Pro Regular
  • Lucida Console Regular
  • Nueva Std Condensed



Live model


Done in two phases, the live model drawings are more or less plastic or graphic.

I first worked with charcoal on papers cut in painted Kraft papers, which were previously painted in different colours in order to have an interaction between the sketch and the format. I also worked with inks to have a different sort of drawing.

The Market Hall


My first design project !

The creation of a market hall of important size (a length of about 40 m) was interesting because of the constraints it included, and also the research I had to do to find an interesting volume.

Indeed, the main idea was to create dynamic rhythms between the full, the empty and the light. I played with a light structure and important heights to create interesting shadows, both on the structure itself and on the floor and environment.

Model : scale 1:10.