Work placement : conclusion


I was very lucky during my work placement, as I got the chance to work closely with Agathe Erb, work on real projects and discover different aspects of an interior architect’s work in an agency.

I really enjoyed it, and would like to thank ae-design for this great experience.

As a conclusion, I wrote and illustrated a report on my work placement, explaining how the company worked, my position, the different projects and what I learned.

I used Indesign and Photoshop to create it, using pictures, drawings, sketches and texts, and it was printed on A5 landscape sheets for a length of about 40 pages.



Work placement : the attic


During my internship, I worked on concrete projects in interior architecture. I especially worked on the refurbishment of the attic of a big house, which was meant to become the bedrooms and private space of two teenage boys, and then become an independent flat after they left.

I therefore created a small kitchen, a living room for relaxation and two bedrooms of similar size. The difficulties mainly came from the numerous beams, the few windows which had to be equally dispatched and the very steep roof slope, which drastically reduced the useable space.

I enjoyed this project because Agathe Erb trusted me, and I had an important responsibility in the work: I was able to propose different ideas to the clients and get their feedback.

Proposition of plan for the attic

Work placement : the Hotel


During my work placement, I worked on the creation of some bedrooms for an important hotel**** in Strasbourg : its high quality services created specific constraints, and it enabled me to discover a new sort of demand.

I worked on the refurbishment of a part of the third floor : I created two comfortable bedrooms in a corner of the floor. The rest of the floor did not need to be worked on.

I created a presentation for this project, with detailed plans, elevations and perspectives.

One presentation sheet
Left up : ideas for two bedrooms and their private bathrooms / Left down : plan of 3rd floor / Right : 3D sketches



Work placement : ae-design


For my course, I am doing a 2 months work placement at ae-design agency. It is a small agency in Strasbourg, France, directed by Agathe Erb.

It is an interior architecture agency. She works on private dwellings, shops and offices or restaurants, in Strasbourg and in the towns around.

As she works alone, I have the opportunity to work closily with her and follow her on her site visits. She also gives me projects to do, which is very exciting, and I have the opportunity to work on Photoshop, Autocad and SketchUp.

My first job was to create a postcard. As it is summer, the idea is to create a little post card to make publicity for the agency : on one side, a collection of her most representative work, and on the other, a little message and her coordinates.

The post card was sent to her previous clients, as a reminder and a thanks, and also to potential clients : shops, offices, restaurants. Under Agathe Erb’s directions and advice, I used pictures she had taken of her finished works and I used Photoshop and Indesign to create the postcard.