Photoshop exhibition stand project – Step 2

10.05.2017 I already presented my first steps on Photoshop concerning Foscarini‚Äôs exhibition stand project : using the project I had achieved in studio, I complete another layout and worked over all my drawings with Photoshop in order to practice and improve my skills. Less drawings were requires for this exercise and I chose to present... Continue Reading →


Office layout for Zazzle

26.04.2017 I worked on the creation of a plan layout for a young company's, Zazzle, offices. The brief required different work spaces with a specified number of desks and seats, as well as meeting areas, managers' offices and a rest space with a kitchen. The office was meant to accomodate 5 teams of 7 members,... Continue Reading →

The Railway Bar project – Step 1

20.03.2017 For this project, I worked on the creation of a bar in an existing site in Cork, Ireland. Located in a popular area for evenings out and with an important number of others pubs around, it had to be very special to compete. Quite big, the building is pretty rough, with a main curved... Continue Reading →


Photoshop exhibition stand project – Step 1

15.03.2017 For the main Photoshop project of this semester, I worked with the Foscarini's exhibition stand project in order to create two new boards only using software, to practice and improve my skills. I used the same drawings and perspectives, but I worked over them to render them. Indeed, for my studio project, I had... Continue Reading →


Foscarini’s exhibition stand – Step 2

10.03.2017 For the final presentation of the exhibition stand project, I continued with the same concept I explained previously, with perforated black metal boxes to display lamps and meeting points on both floors, also displaying other lamps from the same collection. The boxes, or display areas, are made of two panels of perforated metal in... Continue Reading →


Foscarini’s exhibition stand – Step 1

13.01.2017 For this ongoing project, the aim is to create an exhibition stand for a fair. I chose to work for the brand Foscarini, which is a famous light designer. On a 10 x 7 m stand, I chose to create black boxes to display the new collection : in fabric, they put the lights... Continue Reading →


United Colours of Benetton’s shop

10.12.2016 In a shop located in the Capitol, a new shopping centre that is being built in Cork, I created a clothes shop, both for men and women. I chose to work on the brand United Colours of Benetton, because they have a strong personality and values, and I like the way they use colours... Continue Reading →


Coffee Dock – Photoshop

30.11.2016 In the previous project, I worked on the coffee dock. As I said, I gave a great attention to the details for this project. I especially created a devoted logo : I used the letter f to represent the design of the coffee, which you can see on the boards. I originally presented my... Continue Reading →


Coffee Dock

04.11.2016 For this big project, the aim was to create a coffee dock in the college's student centre, in which a big empty space is usually reserved for events. On a floor area of 10x10 m, I decided to create a glass box, in order to separate customers from passersby without enclosing them too much.... Continue Reading →


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